There is a good reason that you should pay attention to your homes curb appeal.

It only takes approximately 10 seconds for buyers to form an opinion when they pull up in front of your home. Many potential buyers thinking of touring your home will do a quick drive-by first, often deciding on the spot if it is even worth a look inside. If the outside looks good, chances are buyers will want to see the inside too. Every little detail counts.

Trim back trees and bushes
Remove dead or dying plants
Power wash the path and driveway (if necessary)
Reseed or add fresh sod as needed
Keep the lawn and landscape freshly manicured
Wash the windows (ideally entire house inside and out but if you have budget restraints, make sure the windows at the front are sparkling clean!)
Plant some seasonal flowers for color – seasonal flats are inexpensive and will give you a few months of color
Make sure your front door is clean and cobweb free (Your buyer will be standing there for at least 30 seconds while the realtor gains entry)
Keep front door step swept , clean and free of mailers/newspapers
Check for birds or bees nests in the eaves and safely remove

Keep your porch lights on in the evenings, in case potential buyers drive by

On open house days, remove extra vehicles from the driveway

Invest in a new doormat – ideally as big as your front door is wide!

“Keep Calm & Get Organized”