Fall Organizing

The kids are back to school, vacations are on hiatus until the holidays, and we all know what’s coming next -a whole lot of craziness! With that said, it’s easy to get distracted and let the mess take over your home. All things Spring/Summer need to be sorted through, organized and found their proper place while Fall/Winter are ushered in. Below are some easy Insider Tips to help you get the mess under control in no time!

According to NAPO, Fall may be the season to truly get organized, putting your life & home in order after a busy Summer. Apparently, almost half of Americans say Fall is the best time to get organized, according to a new survey; in fact, 45% of those surveyed said that Fall months are the easiest to actually get organized. Do you agree?

Don’t Fall Short:

Organizing & decluttering prior to the holiday season is imperative if you plan on enjoying it. Not only will it save you a ton of time, it will make your life more efficient when time is of the essence, & it will bring you some peace of mind. 

According to NAPO:

  • after summer break, 55% of Americans feel disorganized in less than 2 weeks, 39% say it takes less than a week, and 37% say it takes more than 1 month.
  • while 22% of Americans cite September as the best month to get organized, that reorganization doesn’t seem to last long. 
  • 39% of Americans say that less than one week after summer break they’re disorganized again.

Below are some insider tips on how to help you get organized, stay organized, and simply breathe in the season. Visit me on Pinterest for a TON more tips. Think of all the occasions through the remainder of the year where you will have house guests, company, or get-togethers. Taking even the smallest step towards organization is a huge step for presentation. Let’s get started:    

  • Pack! Once a day for 7 days, commit to cleaning out one small problematic section of your house. Start with the entryway and hall closet on Monday evening, and get the kids involved. Pack up all the pool gear, hats and beach bags into a storage container. Then move to another room, like the kitchen. Store all the BBQ utensils and clean out lingering canned goods (donate to food bank). 
  • Declutter! Your kids will never fit in that jacket from last winter, and those rain boots are pretty beat up. It’s time to minimize! Once a day for a week, fill a box or a bag with items to be donated and/or thrown out. As the holidays approach, weather changes and kids grow, it’s important to keep in mind this one saying … “something comes in, then something has to go out”. This will help de-clutter your house, and make way for spaces better used by things you will actually need down the road. 
  • Downsize & Donate! Do you have a room in your home that you’re using as a clutter catch-all? You aren’t alone. Most Americans (93%) have at least one, the SpareFoot survey found. Just under half of Americans (42%) say they have three or more areas in their home that they use primarily to store stuff. And almost one third (30%) say they have two storage areas in their home, while about one-fifth (21%) have one.
  • Wardrobe Swap! Time to swap your summer clothes for your winter coats. Pull out the totes containing all Fall and Winter clothing and check to see which things will still fit someone. Don’t have your clothes this organized? Now is the time! Always be sure to leave a little extra space too for those new additions. 
  • Lists, lists, and more lists! Start your to-do list for the upcoming holidays. Check your supply of wrapping paper and bows, decide on gift recipients; determine a budget and which gifts you plan on getting for each recipient. Be sure to set up a calendar (paper, digital or both) and remind everyone to check the calendar frequently as Holiday recitals, special school events and parties are announced and squeezed into an already busy schedule 

According to NAPO:   80% of Americans take longer to get ready in the morning during the school year than in the Summer, and almost 1/3 (31%) take over 20 minutes longer.