Back to school organizing tips

Read on for tips & tricks to help make this the most streamlined year ever! Seriously, we’re talking mom and/or dad of the year. Trust me, it’s the little things that add up to long term success 😉

Whether it’s your child’s desk or your own, one rule always applies. They say a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind. Being disorganized is the first step to developing bad study, and work habits. Here are a few pointers:

-Be sure only those items necessary are on your workstation

-Take the first 10-15 minutes of each day to get organized & center yourself

-Take the final few minutes of each day to wrap up what you’re doing, reorganize your space, and remove all items that do not belong.


If you don’t need that textbook or work binder from two years ago, get rid of it. Old notebooks, papers, and files could be useful, but like everything else, they need their proper space. Avoiding too much ‘stuff’ in your study area ensures less distraction and more study/work action! And do NOT start creating piles unless you plan on donating, storing, or throwing them away that very same day!

Invest in an Organizer!

Use an organizer to keep track of your time, assignments and/or meetings. Last minute cramming or writing never generates the best results. If you don’t have all your work organized on paper (or electronically), it will be impossible to stay on top of what is due and when –this goes for both you AND your student. You could also call this Organizer 😉 I’m here to help! 949.667.4664

Establish a routine!

This may be the most effective way to maintain efficiency for your student at home and yourself at work. Setting deadlines and devising a schedule will boost productivity. It also helps stimulate a greater sense of focus which is a win-win for everyone.

The back to school excitement doesn’t stop when the kids come home; have everything in its proper place (as much as possible) to ensure they know where everything is in addition to what is expected of them. Snacks, homework, chores  …whatever it is, make it obvious and staying organized long term is possible.

Using a magnetic or cork board over your desk, in addition to your other organizing containers, is very helpful when it comes to keeping important reminders and papers in your face & handy.

Don’t neglect your closets!

Organizing your stuff isn’t just about desks and pens. You also need to keep on top of your laundry, your bags, accessories and more. A well designed, easy to install DIY closet system is just the ticket to make sure that all your stuff has a home and that you can find each item, quickly and easily.

Do not allow the school supplies you so painstakingly picked out take over your home! A pen here, a crayon there, and before you know it, you have to buy them all over again because they were not organized.  From cabinets to cubbies to caddies, there are a TON of ways to keep everything exactly where it needs to be. Visit me on @Pinterest for ways to get the job done


Have you covered all of your back to school basics and then some? Keep the entire family functioning with this Organized & Orderly Command Center Checklist! Need help setting one up and customizing one a little more specific to your needs? Not a problem, give me a call at 949.667.4664 or email me today