Seller beware… Things you are INADVERTENTLY saying about your home!

It can be a confusing matter when you get ready to list your home… It becomes a “house” overnight, almost like it doesn’t even belong to you anymore, and in many ways it doesn’t. After all, in order to sell it for top dollar, you will need to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, which inevitably means you will have to make a few (or many) changes to your property.

Some realtors will be able to assist you in getting your home into tip-top shape, but often times a 3rd party with a neutral eye and Potential Buyer experience, can go that extra step in aiding your home sale. A “Pre-Listing Consultation” involves a comprehensive analysis of your home and yard, including but not limited to, decluttering, de-personalizing, furniture flow, paint recommendations, aesthetic repairs as well as tips and tools to help you sell your home and manage Open Houses with minimal fuss and effort..

With that said, here are some things that SCREAM, buyer beware, when in fact as the homeowner, you may be so used to something, it just seems normal.

– The ADT Security sign that is buried into the ground by your front door just makes your potential buyer wonder if there is a crime problem in the neighborhood. Bear in mind, this is a first impression or Curb Appeal and as such has a huge impact. Remember, many potential buyers will drive by your home before they even ask for a showing.

– The wooden pole that is positioned in the track of your slider door is giving the same message! Why not repair the door/screen so that it actually locks?

– The ceiling paint that does not quite match the original color, painted on the family room that is under the bathroom, shouts major leak. Please consider painting the entire ceiling. Some potential buyers will avoid buying a property that may have a history with plumbing problems or feel that they can negotiate on price with you.

– Potent plugins in every room are basically saying – this house has an odor issue, which leads your potential buyer to wonder what your are masking with Glades’ Lavender Honeysuckle air freshener. (Mold/Damp/???). A neutral scent such as Fresh Linen is far less offensive to the nose, and don’t think you have to put one in every room!

I am not suggesting that you are intentionally hiding anything, just that your potential buyer is looking at everything with an eagle eye, and for every “negative” impression, equates a dollar amount that will need spending in order to make it their future home.

Thinking about listing your home soon??? Before you do anything else, call 949.677.9777 for a “Pre-Listing Consultation”.

And remember to Keep Calm & Get Organized!