Moving???  Let Us Help….

You sold your house, Yay, but now comes the hard bit.  You need to pick a mover, pack up all your belongings, move, unpack all your belongings and get set up in your new home.  Believe the statistics when they say that after death and divorce, moving is the 3rd biggest stress inducer.  Of course it is… you are knee deep in mountains of paperwork, mortgage, escrow, title, you may have to make major decisions such as new schools for the kids, new job, changing utilities, figuring out how to manage pets during move time and your head is spinning..

This is when you call Organized & Orderly, because we have been doing this for years, and our clients tell us that they would never do another move without us!

For the sake of this article, lets assume (for varying reasons) you decide you can’t afford to hire someone to help you.  I want you to consider the following:

The Hidden Costs Of A Bad Move Experience:

  • Your boxes are packed poorly and you suffer damages/breakages costing you MORE money to replace
  • Your boxes are not labeled correctly and end up in the wrong rooms, so YOU have to move them after the movers have gone.
  • Your boxes are a mish mash of items that all need taking to different rooms, instead of being correctly placed BEFORE packing.
  • You thought you could save money by recycling boxes or going to Costco for “free” boxes, then realizing that they are nearly impossible to label clearly, don’t stack neatly once you have packed them, all adding to the moving day chaos
  • You paid to pack and move a bunch of stuff that you didn’t want anyway, but didn’t have the time to get rid of it in the last minute rush of pack up.
  • Somebody packed the check books or house keys and now you have open all the boxes you THINK they may be in, because you promised the realtor there would spare keys for the buyers
  • On move day, you are being pulled in all kinds of directions, and the movers have to keep waiting for you to answer their questions, meaning you are paying extra for their wasted time
  • You forgot to label the most important things that you really need for your first night and morning at your new house, and face a mountain of moving boxes with no idea where your bed sheets or toothbrush is, never mind your kids clothes and your coffee for the next morning so you have to go through box by box searching, when all you really want is a glass of wine, followed by a good nights sleep
  • You arrive at your new home and somewhere buried in a box is the toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies (you don’t want to start unpacking your dishes on dirty shelves and the previous owner’s idea of cleaning was to wipe over the counter tops) or a power cord (because the fridge that is going in the garage is not near a power outlet). This day is crazy enough without adding this stress to it.

Maybe the cost of hiring an expert is starting to look more feasible…???!!!

What if you had a trusted team to assist you getting from A to Z, saving you so much time (which lets be honest, equals $$$) and eliminates’ the stress that is so common to moving?


Organized & Orderly can provide you with a concierge moving service that includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Purging, Organizing and Packing AHEAD of time, meaning you are only moving with what you want and need, every box is packed ensuring that it’s contents go together (If it is labeled bathroom, you will not find a screwdriver or a pile of receipts in it, after all, they should be in the garage or the office right???
  • Every box is expertly packed with attention to detail on fragile and high value items. Your priceless bone china statue gets extra packaging and fragile sticker labeled on all 5 sides of the box.  No matter who is handling it and from what angle it is viewed, EVERYONE knows its value.
  • If it doesn’t look like it should be packed, it probably shouldn’t be packed… house keys, car keys, check books, credit cards are
  • Each and every box is labeled (again, on each side and the top) for the room that the box should be in. Note When you have us pack you up, we are also paying attention to your new home and it’s different rooms and layout. Just because an item came from the playroom, does not mean that the new house has a playroom and the toys may well end up in your child’s bedroom instead.  All boxes are labeled accordingly and this saves a LOT of time during the unload.
  • We work with you to ascertain what you will need “left out” in the few days or week prior to the move, giving you tips based on our many years of experience.
  • We help you decide and label boxes “Open First” for the items that you absolutely need and want as SOON as you have arrived at your new home
  • We put together a suitcase or boxes that include everything that you will need for clothing and hygiene for your first night and morning
  • We separate out and pack (normally in a clear plastic, lidded tote, items such as a roll or two of toilet paper, paper towel, basic cleaning supplies, coffee or tea (or even a corkscrew and wine glasses!), extension cords, screwdrivers so on arrival at your new home, you already have most everything you could need at hand without having to start looking for it in mounds of boxes.
  • We meet the moving crew as they arrive on move day – giving them clear direction on any items that may not be coming with you to your new home (washer/dryer or garage racks may be staying for new buyers, the glass armoire that is too big for your new dining room is being donated or in some situations, your new home may have construction work still being done, so there could be a last minute change to what will be going in that area.
  • While the movers are loading up your furniture and boxes, you still have all the “last minute” stuff that needs packing. You have probably left out some must have, day to day pieces so that you could live in your home in the run up to move day, as well as the bedding you slept in last night.  We are there to pack all remaining items as well as emptying out the fridge and freezer at the last minute to minimize food spoilage
  • We assist you with how to make your moving crew happy, making sure you provide them with an organized pack job and clear walk ways, driveways and directions. This allows them to complete their job as fast and as efficiently as possible, potentially saving you $$$ on an hourly moving rate.
  • We can help facilitate snacks, drinks, lunch etc for your moving crew who appreciate it so much, they are willing to go the extra step for you.
  • We tour the new home on arrival, highlighting items that are NOT being moved into obvious rooms. Just because that couch came from the family room, it may be going into the bonus room at the new house and your move team will  appreciate the time saved moving it twice, as well as you will save $$$ for the time it takes to move it twice!!!
  • During unloading, we have a designated person directing items to their correct rooms, saving time, money and efforts in having to moved to a different room at a later date, or having to chase you down to keep asking you where something belongs.
  • We start unpacking your “open first” boxes and use our years of experience to Organize them into your new home. Your everyday plates, cups and glasses will be easily accessible and in the most logical place, while your lesser used items may be on the top shelf in the kitchen.  Drink coffee daily?  Your coffee cups will be right next to the coffee maker.
  • We ensure that before we leave, your bed is made, your clothes are hung up and your toothbrush is in it’s spot so you can actually get a good nights sleep after a long day!
  • After the move services include unpacking (specific rooms or entire houses) so that your house feels like home in no time.
  • Hauling away your packing supplies (boxes/paper) – there is nothing worse than your empty boxes taking over your new home for weeks!
  • Assistance with finding/recommending vendors and services in your new neighborhood (house cleaners, plumbers, drycleaners, vets, pediatrician, nail salon etc etc). We have spent years perfecting our vendor lists.
  • Organizing you into your new home so that you can hit the ground running, saving you time and money

Don’t find out the hard way the cost of a bad move and call us today – (949) 677-9777 or email us at [email protected]