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We’re professional organizers at heart, so when packing and unpacking our seasoned team gets your moving project done fast – and with unparalleled attention to detail. From decluttering & purging before your organized pack, to managing, confirming & coordinating all dates, all the way up to overseeing every aspect of the big day –we’re there! Whether you need help with one room, the garage/storage unit, or the entire house, we’ll alleviate the stress of moving, make sure you’re organized, and that your most treasured assets are safely handled. Give us a call… We are experts in making The Organized Move & handling all your of decluttering, packing, unpacking, concierge move day management needs and more!

Get Started With The Organized Move

Let’s Get Organized

Purge, donate, trash & organize the rest -why pay to move it when you don’t want it?

  • Declutter & Pack or Pack Only (entire house and garage).
  • We supply the boxes and materials to fit movers specifications.
  • Packing and labeling with attention to detail, considering all steps of the move.
  • Coordinate and confirm dates, & scope of work of all involved moving parties:  the cleaners, contractors, movers, and if you have pets, perhaps a boarding facility for the day of moving.
Stacked boxes in a garage for move
moving paper
folded boxes ready for move
Organized moving service boxes
stacked boxes in garage for move

Let Us Put The Pieces Together

We mediate all planning, scheduling and confirming for a streamlined, stress-free move!

  • Contacts for all aspects of cleaning inside & out.
  • Trades of every kind from move out to move in: gardeners, landscapers, painters, plumbers, and everything in between for your move out and move in.

Manage Move Week

From the travel to your new home to your first days there, we handle it all!

  • Organize perfectly packed suitcases for each family member for travel.
  • Don’t forget the fur babies –pack for your pets.
  • Boxes strategically packed & labeled for ease of access and based on need.
  • Packed boxes & wrapped furniture, organized, clearly labeled, and set in a non-intrusive area to not interrupt the last days in house, easy access for movers.

It's The Big Day

You can do the happy dance, we will choreograph it for you!

  • We handle everything including the on-location movers, drivers, as well as whatever may be needed as the homeowner.
  • Liaise with movers from start to finish communicating your unique goals and expectations.
  • Last minute packing of all bedding, kitchen items/coolers, toiletries, and all other items needed immediately upon arrival.
  • Removal, packing, and mailing/returning of all modems or utility related service machinery and/or equipment.

Storage Issues

We are wherever you need us to be in the moving process and that includes the multi-site(s), such as a storage unit if you have one.

  • Have a storage unit at a secondary address? We offer all of our same moving value points & can also help facilitate pick-up from your movers.
  • Need storage to streamline your move? We will work with partial moves by facilitating storage of those items necessary to address any timing issues.

Moving Locally Here In Orange County, CA?

Welcome home neighbor! Let us make you feel right at home by handling every aspect of your move-in.

  • We will unpack, organize, & help you set up your new home.
  • Optimize your new space with our furniture staging & design expertise.
  • Customized organization for your home maximizing comfort, function, & style that is unique to the way you live your life.
  • Recycle, clean-up, and haul away of all packing materials.
  • We have a trusted network of vendors we can refer for any of your new home needs.

New Home Under Construction?

  • We can manage a partial unpack in construction-free areas.
  • We can help with the assessment of crucial items needed short term & organize them in order to maximize your limited space.

Partner leave ahead of time to start new job/close escrow, while the other stays behind to finish the move?  

  • We help ascertain what each partner will need in advance and pack suitcases & boxes accordingly.
  • We keep a crew at the move-out location, helping the other who has stayed behind to organize, pack & choreograph the remainder of the move.

Want To Tackle It Yourself?

Here are some Moving tips to help you move more smoothly!

  • Pack an OPEN FIRST box(es) – Toilet paper, paper towel, power cord, 1 x flat and 1 x phillips screwdriver, scissors, box cutter, trash bags, cell phone chargers, dish soap, hand soap (and any medications you may need urgently).  We recommend using a different colored tape (painters tape, blue or orange) in a X shape so it is visible on all sides of boxes that are important to get to early on in the unpack.
  • Consider packing your current bed linens in an open first box… there is nothing worse at the end of a long moving day, not being able to find your sheets and bedding.
  • Pack 1 suitcase for each family member, containing a couple of days worth of clothes, all their hygiene and medication needs as well as anything that is super important to them (think your little one’s fave teddy bear that they can’t sleep without or your lap top and charger if you have to work early the next day).
  • LABEL your boxes on each side and the top so no matter how they are stacked, you know which room they belong in (We use abbreviations, so kitchen is K, Master Bathroom is MA BA and so on).  This ensures that the movers can place them exactly where they belong, rather than you having to relocate them once the movers have left.
  • For local moves, black bag your bedding – you will save on boxes and your movers can put them on top of the load of boxes or furniture.
  • Pre-Label rooms in your new home – It will save you having to keep reminding the movers which room is which (make sure you label your boxes according to the rooms they belong in in the NEW home.
  • Treat your movers well…. They will go the extra mile for you if you provide them with water/soft drinks and something to eat at lunch time!

For the Unpack:

  • Prioritize the kitchen, master bedroom, kid’s rooms and bathrooms.  Everything else can wait as long as you can all get a night’s sleep, can take a shower and have something to eat or drink.  The playroom, office, garage can all wait!
  • The goal is NOT to organize perfectly, as much as it is to get everything unpacked.  You have time later to color code your clothes by season.
  • If at all possible, unpack as much as you can while your movers are there as most movers will take empty boxes with them (sometimes for a fee) which frees up your living space.
  • Flat pack your boxes and black bag your packing paper.  Check with your local trash company – many of them offer free bulk pick ups a few times a year. If your boxes are in good shape, consider offering them on a local site for free pick up.
  • If you have time and access to the new home before the movers arrive this is a good time to line any drawers or cupboards if you want to.  Move in day is NOT the ideal time for this.
Moving Tips

Breathe easier with stress-free Concierge services!

Our clients’ busy lives require their spaces be functional & in perfect order after a seamless move, so we’re there every step of the way.

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