Reason #1 to hire a professional organizer: Experience! Professional Organizers work with all kinds of people who have all kinds of organizing challenges. Likely they have seen your situation before and have solutions at-hand. Reduce your stress
and get help from an expert.

Reason #2 to hire a professional organizer: No Judgment! A professional organizer worth their salt will not judge you or your mess. Quite the opposite – they want to help you. They care about people’s struggles to get and stay organized and will bring their experience and knowledge about organizing to each client.

Reason #3 to hire a professional organizer: our Code of Ethics. NAPO organizers follow a code of ethics. Our first code is, “I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and will treat them with respect and courtesy.” Now who doesn’t want to work with someone who shows respect and courtesy?

Reason #4 to hire a professional organizer: Fresh Perspective! A professional organizer will look at your situation with new eyes, seeing it from a different view point. They will be able to bring understanding and creative solutions to your
organizing challenges.

Reason # 5 to hire a professional organizer: Buddy System! A professional organizer will work with you, guiding you, and figuratively holding your hand through the mess to a new, organized life. They will stick with you.

Reason #6 to hire a professional organizer: they LOVE to organize! Professional organizers just love to organize. They straighten, neaten, and organize without even thinking about it. Everywhere they go, they leave behind a neater place. Harness that energy and talent to work for you.

Reason #7 to hire a Professional Organizer: Strong Listening Skills! Organizers want to help others get organized. One way to learn how best to help is to LISTEN! A professional organizer practices listening to her clients so she understands what’s
really going on and how to get to the root of the organizing problem.

Reason #8 to hire a Professional Organizer: Teach and Transfer. Organizers don’t just organize – they teach clients the know-how of organizing and do their best to transfer good organizing skills to others.

Reason #9 to hire a Professional Organizer: Compassion! Many organizers have been there. Now they want to help others break free from the chaos. They see the distress and strain that disorganization can cause a person or a family. They walk
alongside their clients through the getting-organized process.

Reason #10 to hire a Professional Organizer: Break Down Overwhelm. Clutter is overwhelming. Deciding where to even get started can be equally overwhelming. A professional organizer knows where to start. She guides her clients every step of the way, taking it one pile, mess, drawer, and room at a time.

Reason #11 to hire a Professional Organizer: Encouragement! A professional organizer will not only help get you organized, they encourage you in your journey to be a more organized person. They can provide the needed support as you learn new ways of doing things.

Reason #12 to hire a Professional Organizer: Education. A good professional organizer is always learning; learning about organizing tools and products, new systems, and schools of thought about the how’s and why’s behind organizing habits. This education, combined with experience and compassion, is what a professional organizer will bring to each client. And that is value beyond measure.