Want to get rid of your storage unit but don’t know how?????

Did you know the storage unit industry is worth more than three times  Hollywood’s Box Office Gross??? Storage units reap $36 BILLION a year…2.31 BILLION square feet worth of storage units in the USA. Crazy huh!!!???

Wants Vs Needs

Wants and Needs – Balance Concept

If you don’t have a storage unit then feel free to scroll on by this post.  If you DO… Let us help you figure out if you REALLY need to be spending that money every month, or if it’s time to address the skeleton in the storage unit, ahem, closet!!!!

For many, a storage unit becomes necessary space for overflow… whether you are moving and need somewhere to store the excess furniture that makes your home look crowded, or maybe you have had to downsize your square footage and just can’t decide what to keep, or maybe you are living temporarily in a rental property until your home is built or you find your dream home. There are definitely some good reasons for having a storage unit BUT typically these would be short term (1-6 months).  

If you are reading this post and are guilty of having one or multiple storage units for WAY LONGER than that, you are not alone.

Here is the deal…. Unless it really is a short term necessity, most people are using storage units (and paying a lot of money every year) in order to postpone decisions…..

What do I mean by that? In my 14 years of working with homeowners in the organizing world, I have come across HUNDREDS of people who have one or more storage units, many of which are holding old furniture with no or very little value, items which may or may not be useful one day, and a lot of junk.

There is no doubt that these people started off with good intentions… “we will just get a storage unit for a couple of months and then we will go through it and decide where that stuff goes next…”  Guess what? Those few months go by and nobody thinks about the unit – after all, it’s not something you see every day reminding you about your postponed decisions, and you keep paying the bill, telling yourself you will get to it next month. 

I have worked with MANY clients who have 3 or 4 storage units and have been paying for them for YEARS and when asked what is in them, they can’t really tell me and more importantly they admit that if they haven’t needed or wanted it during that time, they probably won’t miss it if it’s gone!!!! Yep, they have been paying hundreds of dollars each month to store stuff that they can’t remember and obviously don’t need!!!

If this is you, or someone you know, first understand there is ZERO judgement on my part, after all, you are one of thousands who have done exactly the same thing… secondly, would you like to be out of your storage unit and ELIMINATING THOSE MONTHLY BILLS and saving hundreds of dollars???

If your answer is YES then you need to give Organized & Orderly a call.

Our services include going through all items currently being stored.  Identifying items that have value for sale, items that can be donated to a local charity or items that just need to be trashed.  

We work with a number of trusted vendors who can facilitate the removal of items, including moving companies that can inexpensively move furniture items (and more) to your home or other destination, junk removers that can deal with trash, as well as mobile shredders for onsite document shredding.  

Let us help you say GOODBYE to storage unit fees and HELLO to one less monthly bill for something you don’t need or want!!!