A lot of people ask us how we differ from your “average” packers.  There are so many reasons but one of the main ones is highlighted in these pictures.  

This particular client had a somewhat unique situation where they have sold their home but have not been able to find their dream home, leaving them somewhat in limbo. For now they are going to be moving into a short term rental while they are searching for the home of their dreams. The reality for them is that they will not need to unpack EVERYTHING into their short term rental, but needed a way to identify and differentiate between the items they will absolutely want, definitely will NOT want, and some items that they MAY need & want easy access to.

Without spending too much extra time or effort, we were able to use a color coded tape system so that the movers can easily identify what needs to go where on move-in day. The majority of the boxes are not color coded with tape which means they will go into storage to be unpacked eventually (this included a lot of entertaining items and sets which this family will not need short term). The items with the green tape are going INTO the home to be unpacked and the items with orange tape will go at the front of the garage for easy access IF the family should need to get to them.

We taped a large cross over the top of the box so no matter what angle or which side you are looking at the box, you can easily see the color coding.  This makes for a much more organized move and unpack and ultimately will save so much time not having to open boxes and going through the contents, only to find this box should be in storage!

It’s the small things (that are actually big things) that make Organized & Orderly’s Concierge packing service so valuable.

Did you know that @O&O provides complete moving & relocation services? Here’s a fraction of our all inclusive Moving Concierge services:  decluttering, donation & junk removal, packing, coordination & supervision of movers, shopping for organizing products, shopping for all packing materials, packing material removal, and finally the perfectly organized unpacking & organizing of your new home.