The Organized Move

Breathe easier with stress-free Concierge services

Our clients’ busy lives require their spaces be functional & in perfect order after a seamless move, so we’re there every step of the way.

We’re professional organizers at heart, so when packing and unpacking our seasoned team gets your moving project done fast – and with unparalleled attention to detail. From decluttering & purging before your organized pack, to managing & confirming all dates, all the way up to managing every aspect of the big day –we’re there! Whether you need help with one room, the garage/storage unit, or the entire house, we’ll alleviate the stress of moving, make sure you’re organized, and that your most treasured assets are safely handled.

Let’s get Organized:  Purge, donate, trash -why pay to move it when you don’t want it- & organize the rest.

  • Declutter & Pack or Pack Only (entire house and garage)
  • We supply the boxes and materials to fit movers specifications
  • Packing and labeling with attention to detail, considering all steps of the move
  • Coordinate and confirm dates, & scope of work of all involved moving parties:  the cleaners, contractors, movers, and if you have pets, perhaps a boarding facility for the day of moving.

Let us put the pieces together:  We mediate all planning, scheduling and confirming for a streamlined, stress-free move

  • contacts for all aspects of cleaning inside & out
  • trades of every kind from move out to move in: gardeners, landscapers, painters, plumbers, and everything in between for your move out and move in.
  • We’ll even handle your utilities!


Manage move week: From the travel to your new home to your first days there, we handle it all

  • Organize perfectly packed suitcases for each family member for travel
  • Don’t forget the fur babies –pack for your pets.
  • boxes strategically packed & labeled to fit the rhythm of your life –what will you need upon arrival?
  • Packed boxes & wrapped furniture organized, clearly labeled, and set in a non-intrusive area to not interrupt the last days in house, easy access for movers

It’s the Big Day:  You can do the happy dance, we will choreograph

  • We handle everything including the on-location movers, drivers, as well as the homeowner/landlord on the back end.
  • Liaise with movers from start to finish communicating your unique goals and expectations.
  • Last minute packing of all bedding, kitchen items/coolers, toiletries, and all other items needed immediately upon arrival
  • Removal, packing, and mailing/returning of all modems or utility related service machinery and/or equipment.


Storage issues:  We are wherever you need us to be in the moving process and that includes the ever-so-illusive storage unit

  • Have a storage unit at a secondary address? We offer all of our same moving value points & can also help facilitate pick-up from your movers
  • Need storage to streamline your move? We will work with partial moves by storing those items necessary to address any timing issues


Moving locally here in Orange County, CA? Welcome home neighbor! Let us make you feel right at home by handling every aspect of your move-in.

  • We will unpack, organize, & stage you new home.
  • Optimize your new space with our furniture staging & design Plan
  • Customized organization for your home maximizing comfort, function, & style that is customized to the way you live your life.
  • Recycle, clean-up, and haul away of all packing materials

New home under Construction? 

  • We can manage a partial unpack in construction-free areas
  • We can help with the assessment of crucial items needed short term & organize them in order to maximize your limited space

Partner leave ahead of time to start new job/close escrow, while the other stays behind to finish the move? 

  • We help ascertain what each partner will need in advance and pack suitcases & boxes accordingly
  • We keep a crew at the move-out location, helping the other who has stayed behind to organize, pack & choreograph the remainder of the move.
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