The Organized Move

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This client used us in 2020 for packing up after they sold their home in Laguna Niguel. After a long search, they could not find the dream home they were looking for so they opted to rent for 6 months. We followed a distinct color code for boxes that were not going to be needed in their rental, allowing us to only unpack the items they would need for 6 months. Having finally found their dream home in Coto De Caza (and it really is gorgeous!) they were ready to re-pack up the rental home and move and unpack (as well as all the stored boxes) into their fabulous new home.
We had 2 days to pack, 1 day for the move and 3 more days of unpacking and organizing and BOY DID WE NEED IT….
Move day was a disaster with a local moving company that I had never heard of and would certainly never use again -many whom have moved know how common this can be. They sent 3 guys with a small truck for a 5 bed 4000 sq ft house. My poor clients were still moving stuff over from the old house at MIDNIGHT….
Meanwhile, my assistant and I had unpacked the entire kitchen and organized it to a tee, we made the beds up, got basic bathroom necessities unpacked and made sure they had everything they needed for their first night.
The following day, we were back at it with 2 of MY moving crew guys (Thank you Crystal Coast Moving Company… you guys are always incredible and I am so grateful for our partnership). We were able to unpack the laundry room, dining room, bar room, powder rooms, master closet, kids closets, and the office in 2 days and then the third day we were able to tackle the garage.
This home has a 2 car garage and a separate one car garage. They have never had their garage organized in the past and with 3 very active, athletic/sporty kids it is a well used space. We referred a local company for garage ceiling install and was thrilled to find they installed the same day as the quote, which we scheduled for our garage day. We also ordered 4 large metal shelving rack units from Home Depot, and purchased a number of large clear containers in advance from Target.
Hubby wanted his Tesla in the garage near an outlet for charging as well as a Gym corner for treadmill and TV. Wife wanted Christmas and Holiday decor off the floor, a gift wrapping area, as well as a space for all the kiddos stuff to be easily accessed.
We weighed up the choices and decided the kids stuff (bikes, razors, pool play stuff, beach supplies etc) would be better off in the single garage (basically away from the Tesla!!!!!) so we set about organizing. We pulled EVERYTHING out from both garages that had been dumped there by the awful movers and started the process of organizing and containerizing by type. Meanwhile, we built the 4 racks, our garage ceiling install company was putting up a 4ftx8ft ceiling rack for Christmas and Holiday in the small garage, followed by 2 x 4ft x 8ft racks in the two car garage for all older office file boxes as well as keepsake/memory boxes. We worked for 9 hours sorting and containerizing, and finally everything was out of moving boxes, organized into clear containers and grouped by type. Our clients were thrilled that 3 days after moving, the Tesla had a spot all of its own, the treadmill was set up ready for use and the kids had their very own garage with all their stuff visible and accessible.
What started as a nightmare move was saved with the local connects & expertise of Organized & Orderly. Our concierge moving services ensure that we take the worry out of you beginning your new life.