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After meeting the realtor at the property, we spent approximately 1 hour going through all cupboards, drawers, closets and cabinets. This allowed me to get a clear picture of what exactly was there before I started a Google Meet with the heirs to the estate.

As you can see from the china cabinet, there were MANY items, some of which were vintage collectibles with a higher value. My role as a collectibles advisor was incredibly helpful to the Heirs during the Google Meet. I was able to identify and assess age, value and other pertinent information. #TheKeysGuild

I worked with my assistant during the Google Meet to color code with painters tape identifying where the items would be going.

Once we had established in more detail during the call who wanted what items, we were able to start actioning. We scheduled a pick up for Trash items from the Doctor Junk as well as a moving truck for furniture and large items that were going to Mercy House donation center via Crystal Coast Moving Company.

We packed up the items that were to be shipped to Maryland and the Heir in Hawaii wanted her items to be taken to the existing storage units and at a later date shipped to her daughter in Northern California.

We created an inventory list for items being sent or stored for the heirs including box number.

We also made a detailed list for all items being donated (and emailed them a copy of the Mercy House receipt) which will allow our clients to estimate a valuation on the items for tax write off purposes.

The property was emptied out entirely within 3 working days and we were able to send clients pictures of the emptied spaces.

Closet(s): Our client was downsizing from her Arizona home and we knew that the primary closet was going to be a challenge. Luckily, her new home has a guest room closet that was huge and so we discussed which items could be placed there instead. The goal is to “relocate” items by type and by use. You don’t want your everyday items in the guest room but it is OK to say if I am rarely using thick winter coats they can be placed a little further away from the primary closet.

In this instance, we grouped together all the golf clothes – skorts, tops, sweaters and waterproofs, and stored them in the guest room closet along with formal dresses and winter jackets as they are rarely used.

Now that we had narrowed down the most important items, we set about creating a logical and useable closet space. Our client wanted to see her gorgeous purses on display so we used the large glass fronted area to display those.

Kitchen: As we were unpacking our client into her gorgeous Newport Beach home, we knew that the kitchen space was going to be significantly less than her last house. We had already identified items that could be stored in the garage (items that are used for specific occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, specialty baking sets that may only be used once a year should not be “stealing” space in your kitchen if you don’t have enough room for them) but we still needed to maximize every inch of available space in the cupboards.

We purchased these amazing acrylic shelves from TCS
Acrylic Organizer Shelves as knew we could double up space for smaller items such as coffee mugs, tea cups and saucers, plates and bowls.

We love how they look and our client was so happy.

Garage: After moving our client back from Arizona to Newport Beach, we had been tasked with getting her garage Organized & Orderly.

She already had a number of sterilite containers that we had set up for her a few years ago, but her new home was significantly smaller than the last and we knew that the garage was going to be used for overflow items from the home (mostly kitchen).

We ordered more sterilites and also purchased multiple sizes of clear containers from The Container Store for storing smaller household related items.

After sorting like with like and finding the perfect sized container, we labeled everything (in some cases we listed each item in the container to make it REALLY easy for our client to find).

We used S-hooks to hang some oversized items that would not fit on the shelves (a giant pizza board, large tray and other miscellaneous garage items).

Our client was thrilled and texted me that night to say how wonderful it was to drive into her garage.

Our lovely LA clients had us pack up their home of 48 years in preparation for new beginnings in Nashville, TN. We utilized the fabulous Crystal Coast Moving Company for the door-to-door moving as well as Vehicle moving service. The three trucks left 3 days before we flew out to meet them arriving in perfect sync to get started on the unpacking.
We had previously requested measurements for the kitchen drawers and pantry so we could pre-order all necessary supplies for the entire home. We utilized Amazon for their variety of product and speedy delivery and were so happy to see everything waiting for us when we arrived.
This particular client, at her own admission, had never really used containers as part of her storage at the LA home and was totally READY for the Nashville home to be “Organized & Orderly”.
We decanted food and spices for the pantry into new containers, labeled everything with @TalentedKitchen’s wonderful Minimalist labels.
The Master Closet was HUGE and a total blank canvas for us to work in. We set about switching EVERY item of clothing on to the new taupe velvet hangers, organized by season (a new concept for our client who was used to the LA climate) and by color.
She has a yoga studio and most days can be found in her yoga clothes. We made sure they were front and center for easy access.
She was so thrilled…
The master bathroom was not spared the Organized & Orderly touch, we set about containerizing by type and space.
We had 4 full and wonderful days with these delightful clients (we left with some tears on both sides) and received this text the same day:
Just want to wish you safe travels today and thank you again for a SPECTACULAR job! You have stabilized us in a way we could never achieve and we are blessed by the 3 of you.
We are already planning to go back in the fall after the remodel!

This wonderful client was referred to us from a super happy client who had used us on multiple occasions. We LOVE REFERRALS!

This beautiful family had moved from North LA down to a gorgeous home in San Juan Capistrano through a job transfer.

They have 3 young children and understandably, unpacking and organizing their new home was proving difficult!

The master closet was going to be overhauled with a new closet system but unfortunately was not going to be started for another 8 weeks and meanwhile they desperately needed something to get them through.

My assistant left almost immediately to purchase new hangers (we got the inexpensive white ones to tide them over for a few months) and a short term solution metal shelving rack (once the closet has been installed they can utilize the rack in their garage!)

After 3 hours, we had sorted by type, hung up more items than are typical given that we had no drawers or shelves to speak of. We built the rack and used it to sort smaller items by type.

We also “staged” her top shelf with her rarely used shoes and purses so even though their new closet will be spectacular once it is installed, our client was thrilled to find a temporary closet with such useable space and both visually and aesthetically pleasing to boot!

We assisted our clients in packing up their home in Newport Beach at the end of last year, placing most items into storage for the duration of some major construction on their new property on Balboa Island.
Initially, we had set up two storage units – one specifically for furniture and boxes and the other for items that they would be able to easily access during the construction time. This included a temporary rolling rack with hanging bar and zip up cover, tall Elfa drawer units which we utilized for clients real estate business requirements. She knew she was going to be in and out of hotels and airbnbs and really just needed to know all her necessary items were in one easily accessible location.
Move day was a breeze with the amazing Crystal Coast Moving Company. We were able to unpack the vast majority of the kitchen that day and the following day we organized the garage (which also incorporates the washer dryer. Still more unpacking to do but our client is so happy to finally be in her new home.

If you look at these pictures you may THINK they are full boxes…. in fact what they are is unpacked boxes, many filled with packing paper, and some flattened down.

DID YOU KNOW …This is a service that The Organized Move can facilitate after every move? How fabulous to get rid of those space stealing empty boxes within a couple of days of moving.

We know how yucky it feels after moving into your dream home to have a house or garage full of unpacked boxes.

The Organized Move makes your move a breeze from beginning to end!

This client had us pack them up from their beautiful home on Balboa Island Newport Beach last year. They had purchased a home that needed major construction work which was going to take a number of months so we were able to pack using our color coded tape system to identify the priority items that needed opening first.

Our Move day management service made this move a breeze – we were able to direct the movers as to where we wanted each box placed, in order to unpack with priority items clearly labelled.

The clients (lucky them!) were leaving the following morning for a 1 month trip which allowed us to spend time over the next few days unpacking them entirely, organizing them into their new home, arranging for all moving boxes and paper to be hauled away and purchasing organizing containers to suit their needs. We LOVE The Container Store!

We had pre-ordered The Talented Kitchen’s pantry labels from amazon before the unpack (knowing our client wanted to re-do her pantry) which allowed us to set up the pantry and label the containers at the same time.

We used lazy-susans in the master bathroom in the skinny upper cabinets which meant a quick spin gave them visibility to otherwise hidden items.

We used a lidded and labeled storage system in a small cabinet to give them a first aid/rx/overflow bathroom system that allowed them to see exactly what they needed, knowing they had back-up items accessible too.

We gave them drawer inserts in the bar area for clear visibility of items grouped by type.

This client moved from Coto De Caza to a gorgeous BRAND NEW home in Laguna beach this week. We were tasked with helping unpack and organize their kitchen. After a trip to The Container Store – we had wonderful choices to make of what to use and where!

This client contacted us the day after their move realizing they had bitten off more than they could chew and desperately needed help unpacking and organizing their kitchen in their beautiful BRAND NEW Laguna Beach home …Of course we were up for the challenge and having advised her of what kind of containers she needed, we arrived to find a mass of The Container Store kitchen organizers that just made us SO VERY HAPPY!

We set to asking a TON of questions (as we always do at the beginning of every job) to understand how exactly this kitchen was going to be used…

Do you cook fresh daily or multiple times a week?

Do you drink coffee/tea every day?

Do you bake often?

Are you both/all right handed?

They may seem like odd things to ask but they all have a really big bearing on how we set up your kitchen.

Drink coffee every day? – lets put the coffee mugs near the coffee maker

Bake weekly? – we want to make sure all the baking items (sugar, flour, baking soda, icing and decorating accessories) are all at easy reach height in the pantry. Conversely, if you bake once or twice a year for the holidays, we may recommend grouping all your baking items in a higher (more inaccessible space) or even in a different part of your kitchen or home).

If you are both right handed let’s make sure that the items you used daily or often are more easily accessible for a right handed person (or vice versa if you are left handed).

Cook fresh daily then let us set up your fridge and pantry with the items you want to access most often (i.e. if you rarely use canned goods, we can place them higher or lower on your shelves or in your pantry). The most used items in your pantry should be at eye height or slightly higher for optimal access and to avoid bending or needing a step stool.

At the end of the day, we had organized not only the kitchen and pantry but also the bar area and laundry room.

Note, we spent approximately 30 minutes touring the entire home with the client giving them advice and solutions for storage throughout.  Sometimes these few minutes can make a world of difference for you to see the bigger picture.

Our client was thrilled….. Here is what she texted us the following morning …”Hi Kirsten, I just wanted to let you know how much we all LOVE <3 and are obsessed with our new, organized kitchen. Such a relief to have it done, but to have functioning, logical and beautiful is absolutely incredible.  We were all so happy at breakfast today! Thanks a million – you are such a pleasure to be with and so very talented. Thanks again!”

This client used us in 2020 for packing up after they sold their home in Laguna Niguel. After a long search, they could not find the dream home they were looking for so they opted to rent for 6 months. We followed a distinct color code for boxes that were not going to be needed in their rental, allowing us to only unpack the items they would need for 6 months. Having finally found their dream home in Coto De Caza (and it really is gorgeous!) they were ready to re-pack up the rental home and move and unpack (as well as all the stored boxes) into their fabulous new home.
We had 2 days to pack, 1 day for the move and 3 more days of unpacking and organizing and BOY DID WE NEED IT….
Move day was a disaster with a local moving company that I had never heard of and would certainly never use again -many whom have moved know how common this can be. They sent 3 guys with a small truck for a 5 bed 4000 sq ft house. My poor clients were still moving stuff over from the old house at MIDNIGHT….
Meanwhile, my assistant and I had unpacked the entire kitchen and organized it to a tee, we made the beds up, got basic bathroom necessities unpacked and made sure they had everything they needed for their first night.
The following day, we were back at it with 2 of MY moving crew guys (Thank you Crystal Coast Moving Company… you guys are always incredible and I am so grateful for our partnership). We were able to unpack the laundry room, dining room, bar room, powder rooms, master closet, kids closets, and the office in 2 days and then the third day we were able to tackle the garage.
This home has a 2 car garage and a separate one car garage. They have never had their garage organized in the past and with 3 very active, athletic/sporty kids it is a well used space. We referred a local company for garage ceiling install and was thrilled to find they installed the same day as the quote, which we scheduled for our garage day. We also ordered 4 large metal shelving rack units from Home Depot, and purchased a number of large clear containers in advance from Target.
Hubby wanted his Tesla in the garage near an outlet for charging as well as a Gym corner for treadmill and TV. Wife wanted Christmas and Holiday decor off the floor, a gift wrapping area, as well as a space for all the kiddos stuff to be easily accessed.
We weighed up the choices and decided the kids stuff (bikes, razors, pool play stuff, beach supplies etc) would be better off in the single garage (basically away from the Tesla!!!!!) so we set about organizing. We pulled EVERYTHING out from both garages that had been dumped there by the awful movers and started the process of organizing and containerizing by type. Meanwhile, we built the 4 racks, our garage ceiling install company was putting up a 4ftx8ft ceiling rack for Christmas and Holiday in the small garage, followed by 2 x 4ft x 8ft racks in the two car garage for all older office file boxes as well as keepsake/memory boxes. We worked for 9 hours sorting and containerizing, and finally everything was out of moving boxes, organized into clear containers and grouped by type. Our clients were thrilled that 3 days after moving, the Tesla had a spot all of its own, the treadmill was set up ready for use and the kids had their very own garage with all their stuff visible and accessible.
What started as a nightmare move was saved with the local connects & expertise of Organized & Orderly. Our concierge moving services ensure that we take the worry out of you beginning your new life.