Are you ready?

Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed?

Is there a pit in your stomach beginning to form?

Are you dreading the Holidays … even at this point?

Are you a “last minute” shopper?

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just weeks away and the holidays are right around the corner! Don’t let old habits get in the way and let’s put a plan in place to make this time of year more enjoyable. The Holidays are to be a time of family, fun, entertaining, and celebrations. But between the demands of life, our jobs and the pressure “consumerism” puts on us, it’s a no wonder we have this foreboding feeling come upon us at this time of the year. Here are some tips to use as a “checklist” to help you organize what needs to be done to prepare you for this Holiday season. In next month’s email, I’ll have a weekly breakdown to keep you sane through the end of the year! 

Preparing For The Holidays – Get a Jump on November To-Do list!

  • Gather the family together and come up with your Family Holiday Goals.
  • Make any Holiday Travel Plans if you travel out of State during this Season.
  • Schedule the Family Photo for your Holiday Card (if applicable).
  • Put on hold any home renovations during this time … you have enough on your plate!
  • Determine your budget for Holiday shopping.
  • Review your Gift List and assign a budget amount to each person.
  • Come up with gift ideas for each person on your list.
  • Review your Christmas card list. Is there anyone to add … or anyone to delete?
  • Purchase or make your Holiday Cards.
  • De-Clutter your home to make room for your Holiday decorations.
  • Begin interior/exterior Holiday decorations (Thanksgiving first of course!)
  • If you have warm weather, consider putting up those Christmas lights outside. Turn on after Thanksgiving.
  • Schedule the Holiday Parties you will be hosting.
  • Create your menu for the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas).
  • Write a grocery list of items needed for your menu.
  • Begin purchasing non-perishable items needed for your meals and for baking. (Be sure to put them aside and designate “Holiday Cooking.” You don’t want to use them for everyday cooking and not have it on hand when you begin baking or cooking for the Holiday time.
  • Schedule babysitters needed for your Holiday Parties.
  • Write out your Christmas and/or Hanukkah Cards.
  • Purchase Christmas/Hanukkah stamps.
  • Create your “Gift Wrapping” area.
  • Begin your Holiday shopping. Be sure to record all purchases and keep store receipts.
  • Wrap gifts as you purchase them.
  • Begin to purchase those stocking stuffers.
  • Pre-make meals and freeze for those days you don’t have time to cook.
  • Purchase (and wrap) gifts for unexpected guests.
  • Purchase hostess gifts so you are ready as you attend that Holiday party.