It’s crazy to think that one whole month of the new year has already passed! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that we were all setting goals and resolutions for 2020? As fast as this month seems to have flown by, were you able to take full advantage of the fact it was NAPOs Get Organized Month?!  If you found that there was not enough time in a day to get ahead of it all, I’m always here to help. Speaking of which, and dare I say it …Spring Cleaning Season is fast approaching… and with that said, I want to make sure you’re ready!
With our nearly perfect weather here in OC, I would rather spend my extra time on nice warm days at the beach than cleaning -that is all the incentive I need to ensure I’ve stayed ahead of the game …the not-so-fun game of a deep Spring Clean. Read on for ways to simplify this daunting task and become more Organized & Orderly.

Pre-Spring Cleaning in a Nutshell
The easiest way to start this process is to set a timer for 15 minutes a day and tackle one thing at a time. Try to tackle too much at once, you will get discouraged or frustrated, and we can’t have that. Take those 15 minutes daily and do any of the following tasks to feel accomplished, ready to do more the following day.
Option 1:  Cut the Clutter
Ok, can we all agree that there is no need to clean or organize items that we really don’t want in our lives? Why clean what you don’t even want? Begin by choosing a room, & going through it with a fine-toothed comb. This could be your first 15 minutes:  listing everything you want to get rid of, creating piles, or making a cleaning list. Take your time, use all 15 minutes for 1 thing, and continue on the next day. The #1 rule in all cases though is to follow through, so don’t force yourself to do it all at once!

Option 2:  Play Catch Up
Before you can tackle the big projects, take a little time to catch up on your day-to-day tasks. Fold and hang all your laundry, get the crumbs out of your toaster, and give your toilet a good scrub. It will be easier to do the more time-consuming projects with a tidy house to begin with.
Option 3:  Have Kids?
Get them involved in the 15 minutes daily to tackle their own mess. Opening every drawer, addressing every cubby, and finding a proper home for every item they still use and/or play with will not only teach a valuable lesson but, it will help move the cleaning process along. Take the time to do it together, or give them 1 small task each day to have done by the time you have finished your 15 minute task to create a little game. You have to tackle that space 1 way or another, why not make it fun?
Option 4:  Get Down & Dirty
We all know the areas that are in need of a deep clean, the dark lurking corners or our homes. Here are a few examples to get you started:  wipe down your walls, pull out the fridge, washer & dryer and clean around and behind each, get busy scrubbing your hardwood floors, wipe down cabinet doors, wash linens, dust blinds, and get under those books, knick knacks or mementos you are keeping.
Option 5:  Declutter your digital life
Use your 15 minutes to finally regain control over your digital life. Delete as many emails as you can, delete a minimum of 10 files on your computer that are no longer needed (i.e. documents, spreadsheets, photos, etc), delete an APP or 2 or 3 from your phone you no longer use, delete old voicemails, and if you have DVR or are streaming Netflix/Hulu/Disney/etc go through and delete things you are never really going to watch.
Option 6:  Tackle those drawers!!
We all know that there are drawers, cabinets, and closets in the house that are unruly to put it nicely 🙂 Imagine walking into someone’s home, opening the junk drawer and seeing not a pile of junk, but neat little compartments holding necessary items. A pantry where the jars and cans are lined up perfectly, shelves labeled and not even close to overflowing; a sock drawer where every sock has a mate …this could be you! Select 1 drawer/cabinet/shelf each day, and you’ll be on your way to organized bliss in no time.
 With just 15 minutes each day, you can change your life, and at the end of the month it will be part of your regular routine to continue for life. Just doing this 1 little thing daily will provide you with a ton of perks, read on to see what I mean. If you want some help, please give me a call at 949.667.4664, or email me and let’s see how I can help get you more Organized & Orderly in 2020!

The Perks! 
There are SO many perks to leading a more organized life, and the best news of all is all you need to do is get started! Once you begin, and see the transformations coming into view, you will be thrilled with what else falls into place. Here are just a few reasons to begin:  less stress, better sleep, increased ‘me time’, greater ability to relax without distraction, and you will be more efficient at work & in all you do! Learn more about all the perks!
So stay the course, you can do this, and remember I’m always just a click away, or you can call me direct at 949.667.4664. Here are 12 Reasons you need a  Professional Organizer in your life.

All You’ll Need to Start!
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