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An Organized Move Breathe easier with stress-free Concierge services

Our clients’ busy lives require their spaces be functional & in perfect order after a seamless move, so we’re there every step of the way. We’re professional organizers at heart, so when packing and unpacking our seasoned team gets your moving project done fast –

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How a Move Should Go!

One of our clients just used Organized & Orderly to help pack him up and assist in the many details of his local move. Our team happily obliged with 2 and a half days of packing, scheduled for the beginning of the week with Move day being Friday. We had already done a supplies assessment, and purchased all packing supplies on our clients behalf which eliminates the last minute panic of not having enough boxes or paper, or running out of tape.

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The Cost of a Bad Move

Moving???  Let Us Help….You sold your house, Yay, but now comes the hard bit.  You need to pick a mover, pack up all your belongings, move, unpack all your belongings and get set up in your new home.  Believe the statistics when they say that after death and divorce, moving is the 3rd biggest stress inducer.  Of course it is… you are knee deep in mountains of paperwork, mortgage, escrow, title, you may have to make major decisions such as new schools for the...

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Enthusiastic home sellers, Please, Please, Please DO NOT JUMP THE GUN!

In the last few months I have been on quite a number of Pre-Listing Consultations (For those of you who do not know what this entails, it is when the realtor asks me to come and give recommendations and advice to the homeowner about what will help the home sell including, but not limited to, decluttering, de-personalizing, furniture flow, aesthetic repairs, how to highlight major selling points, as well as tips and tools to help make your home sellable with a broad appeal to buyers).

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Seller Beware

Seller beware... Things you are INADVERTENTLY saying about your home!It can be a confusing matter when you get ready to list your home... It becomes a "house" overnight, almost like it doesn't even belong to you anymore, and in many ways it doesn't. After all, in order to sell it for top dollar, you will need to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, which inevitably means you will have to make a few (or many) changes to your property.

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Realtors say buyers wont purchase a home they can’t see. The number 1 reason people buy is to gain a space advantage. If you are serious about selling your home, all clutter must go. Clean and clutter free surfaces, floors, closets, cupboards equal more space in the eyes of the potential buyers. If your home has too much furniture and your closets are crammed full, kitchen countertops are overflowing with appliances etc potential buyers simply can’t see your home.

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