Taking charge of all those aspects of our lives that just pile up, day after day, week after week, month after month, stripping away the clutter can seem impossible. Every morning when you wake up, before you hop in the shower or eat breakfast, you probably spend a few moments looking through your closet. The routine of choosing an outfit and the perfect shoes is an important part of your day. If your closet is a jumble, your day begins with chaos. That is why it is well worth the time and money to reduce the clutter and organize your closet. Benefits of a Well-Organized Closet include (just to name a few):  more time, less day-to-day stress, and a more efficient use of all that space! 

We talked with one Professional Organizer who has been improving people’s lives for nearly 10 years, Kirsten Ranger of Organized & Orderly in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. She literally strips away the clutter, giving us time, time to do what our schedules demand. By eliminating the clutter, she is freeing us from the worry of time restraints. No one wants to constantly stare at the pile of stuff you never have time to get to. Kirsten gives you control back over your belongings! An acute listener who has an elevated sense of observation, Kirsten is both quick and accurate in dissecting your usable space, ascertaining the items that are disrupting your life. What do you see being the perfect space? What would you like to see changed? Organized & Orderly is all about you and where you’ll be comfortable. Starting with our closets, here are 5 tips to getting started on your own:

1)    Decluttering is always first and foremost. Remove all items from the closet space that do not belong there, you know what we’re talking about 😉 An unorganized closet always contains items that just sort of end up there, turning your lovely space into a catch-all. A closet should only contain clothing, shoes, and accessories, nothing else.

2)    PURGE! Get rid of everything you don’t use, or haven’t worn in over a year. Throw out what’s ripped or stained and donate what you know you’ll never wear. You may have 5 white blouses, but why is it you only ever wear one or two of them?  If an item of clothing does not “spark joy” when you hold it, look at it or wear it, then it is stealing space.  Ask yourself if you would buy this item today if you saw it in the store? Consider a closet swap party, finding a local charity for donations, selling on Craigslist or a local site like CLOSE5.

3)    Sort and organize according to item type. Hang jackets together, followed by tops, blouses and pants. I recommend hanging as many items as possible IF you have the hanging space… if not neatly fold T-shirts on a shelf to make room for your hangable items. While you’re going, organize by color. This will help you easily see what you own, and also means you won’t end up wearing the same colors every day. 

4)    Invest in some essential organizing tools to prolong your items’ life expectancy. Stylish bins for your intimates, socks, ties, scarves, and belts. Floating shelves or hanging racks for your shoes. Matching hangers make a HUGE difference in the appearance of the overall flow of your stylized space.  They don’t have to be expensive, if you are on a budget, the white plastic hangers are typically around $1.50 for 10 at @Target, and even the black velvet hangers which are more luxurious, non-slip and extremely thin (which saves space) are only $9.99 for 35 at Costco.

5)    Don’t get discouraged! Perhaps the most important tip we can share is to not be so hard on yourself. Getting organized takes time, and it is easy to become frustrated when you don’t feel like you’re seeing you anticipated results. Remember to take a moment each day to acknowledge something you have done that is positive. Being organized is always about increased well-being. 

Last, and definitely not least, you can call a professional organizer whose job is to ensure that you have a space that works for YOUR life, that every item is useful and in its proper place. That they leave with you the tools to best utilize your new space for continued well-being, and less stress. Being organized has proven to increase the quality of your life, to make you more efficient, and guarantees more me-time. Organized & Orderly offers a discreet, customized and tailored approach to YOUR unique needs.



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