Sitting on Beach

Though we are all lucky enough to live in a place where Summer weather will continue for another 8 weeks or more, it is the end of summer vacation time 🙁 Make the transition to Fall and the last quarter of the year easier by closing out summer with these simple tips:

Wash, fold, and put away beach/pool towels, toys, and totes used on vacation.

Yes, there is probably still sand in those bags and more than one half-used bottle of sunscreen, spare change, sunglasses, etc. Get these cleaned and put away so they are ready for use next year instead of having to throw away because you left a beach-fresh pile of sand or shells in there.

Clean out your suitcase and other travel bags used on vacation.

Do a last check for dirty clothes, half-empty toiletries bottles, and other summer vacation or travel gear that needs to be put away properly. You don’t want to start off your next vacation cleaning up from the last one.

Bathing suits need to be looked over.

Is the elastic still working? Do they still fit or did they get stretched out and faded?  If you’re not going to be excited about wearing them again, I’d say it’s important to toss them now. Why reach for them next year and be disappointed or horrified that it doesn’t cover and keep in what it should :-). Also, don’t store bathing suits in the attic or anywhere hot. Heat from the attic or from the dryer is what causes the elastic to break down.

Summer clothes review.

Are there summer clothes (dresses, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, etc) that you did not wear this season? Is there a good reason you didn’t? If not, do you really think you’re going to want to wear those items next year? Why not let someone else get use out of them by consigning (if it’s in good shape and relatively new) or donating? Look at your sandals and flip flops, too; if they aren’t comfortable and flattering and you didn’t wear them, why not let someone else give them a chance? You should only have clothes and shoes in your closet that you love and that flatter you!

Don’t save your sunscreen & half-used travel toiletries!

Sunscreen’s efficacy decreases with time and heat so don’t store any for next year. Keep using what you have. It sounds like a lot to deal with, and if you find yourself a little overwhelmed or just do not have the time, Organized & Orderly is just a click away!