Welcome to SUMMER! Whether you are thrilled to be able to sleep in rather than set the alarm for 6am to get the kids up for school, fed and in the car by 7am or if (like many) you are dreading finding things to do with the little darlings for the next 10 weeks, read on for some timely advice about how being organized for the summer activities will help you keep your sanity!

Planning pool or beach time this summer?

Most people are and the key thing here is to be able to grab and go, rather than spending hours trying to get everything together, only arriving at your destination to find you forgot the sunscreen!!!

– Create a zone in your home (ideally the garage as most

people can grab what they need then load the car and off you go! When we work in garages for clients with small children, we often create an entire area for pool/beach and outdoor play. If there are a lot of items, I recommend dividing them by type and storing them in a clearly labelled clear container. A pool container will include pool toys, floaties, goggles, sunscreen. A Beach container would contain pails and shovels, sand shoes, sunscreen etc. Make sure that if you want the children to be able to access things, that they are low enough for them to see

– Next to the containers, consider stacking beach or pool

towels, beach blankets, ice chests, beach bags etc.

– If you have available wall space nearby, use some wall hooks and hang up your beach chairs and umbrella.

Garage OrganizationThis is our most recent garage organizing job. We created a pool/beach container, an outdoor play container as well as balls, and arts and crafts. Everything related to summer fun is located in this spot, including beach chairs and umbrellas hanging up next to the rack, and beach blankets and towels on the bottom shelf. In this garage we organized last week, we used the lowest space we could find (Mom wants kids to independently take out their pool, beach and outdoor play toys) and labelled them accordingly. It is crucial if you want children to clean up after themselves, that there is a logical space to put things away, clearly labelled, either with words for young readers, or for younger children who cannot read, with pictures. O&O org containers

Planning a car trip or even just a day out nearby?

– Consider putting together a container that can either stay in the trunk, or even one that can sit in the back seat with the kids. Include a variety of activities that are age appropriate.

– Include coloring books and pens

– magnetic games like tic tac toe or magnets on a cookie sheet

– Silly Putty

– Travel etch-a-sketch

– If you are heading somewhere new, consider printing off a children’s map so that they can check off places and landmarks on the way.

If you want to make Car journeys a breeze with your little ones, take a look at some of these great products:

Summer Blog Amazon Travel GamesAmazon Travel Games for Kids

This is an ingenious mix of toys that will keep little ones amused for hours!

Summer Blog Target Travel Activity Kit

Target Travel Activity Kit

Self contained with a carry handle…coloring paper, pens, Note: This item does contain scissors.

Summer Blog Amazon Kids Travel Tray

Amazon Kids Travel Tray

Plane Travel:

Taking a plane journey this summer? Super fun once you get there but let’s be honest, It’s super hard for little ones to stay in their seats for a long time, so keeping them amused is key to parental sanity. With plane travel you typically have much less space to pack these kinds of things. Smaller items are optimal and bonus if your child can carry them in their own little backpack. Remember, try and buy something that your child has not played with before and thus will hold their attention longer.

Consider taking:

  • Playing cards
  • Coloring book and pens/crayons (try twistables so lids are not lost)
  • Sticker book
  • Playdough
  • Magnetic toys (to avoid lost pieces under the seat!)
  • A new toy that your child has been asking for (this will ensure total absorption, at least for a while)

If you just want to one stop shop, consider these items:

Summer Blog Amazon Airplane Activity

Amazon Airplane Activity Box

These are wooden “coins” with plane appropriate activities on them… How long can you balance a snack on your nose???!!!

Summer Blog Etsy Travel Box for kids

Etsy Travel Box for Kids

This neat little kit contains playing card, pipe cleaners, play dough, pens and some sweet treats!

Summer Blog Amazon Travel Activity Kit

Amazon Travel Activity Kit

This fun kit (that comes in it’s own bag) includes: Lacing cards, travel cup with straw that you can color, magnetic board Games including travel bingo and so much more!