From Coto De Caza to Huntington Beach

I was referred by the fabulous Donnie Bowen to these sellers who needed some assistance before, during and after their move.

We initially decluttered and removed items not necessary for staging, as well as some organizing work making their HUGE walk in closet look like a dream.
In no time the house had sold, and they contacted us for assistance with pack up.

I referred them to Rich Nelson Moving Company for their moving needs, and Rich and I met at the property with the clients to discuss the job. We work together regularly and he knows that if Organized & Orderly are doing the pack up, everything will be ready to go by the time his team arrive.
See what Rich Nelson Moving had to say in this beaming testimonial (THANK YOU Rich!), “Are you in need of getting organized for any event? We highly recommend you contact Kirsten Ranger at Organized & Orderly! She is absolutely awesome! How do you thank someone for making your job so much easier? Kirsten from Organized & Orderly keeps our customers happy with her many talents. Her organizational and people skills are a wonderful combination! It’s nice to find people so professional and trustworthy to conduct business with. We look forward to a long term relationship with Kirsten and highly recommend her services to anyone! We have worked with Kirsten on several jobs and could not have asked for more!”

Both clients work full time, one of them travels weekly and it was imperative that all the details were taken care of without their being bothered. My team came in on a 2-day, 8-hour pack up, and I had also been asked to be present for the entire move day to oversee the details and allow the clients to still work.

Rich’s team were able to load up a 5000 sq ft house in 4 hours onto 2 articulated trucks, while I was busy packing up bedding and all the last minute items that had been left to use during move week. Rich’s team provide wardrobe boxes for use on the day of the move, so I was able to fill those (utilizing the bottom of the boxes for pillows and blankets etc). For local moves, I always bring plenty of cooler bags so that I can unload the fridge and freezer at the last minute to help reduce food spoiling. We also identified all items that were particularly fragile and needed to go in the cars, rather than in the moving trucks. By the time the truck was loaded and ready for the off, I was on my way to pick up Subway sandwiches for everyone as a hungry team of movers is not a happy team!!!

We arrived at the new home in beautiful Huntington Beach only to find that the contractors were WAY behind schedule and nearly half of the house was not accessible YIKES! The clients were downsizing a lot to be next to the beach, but we still had a lot of stuff to unload and nowhere to put it!!!

This is one of many reasons why having Organized & Orderly on your moving day is so important.

We label every single box with the room on top and all 4 sides, as well as a description of contents on top, so it was easy to figure out what we needed and what we could store until construction was complete in the next couple of weeks.

We had already labeled the unpack first boxes using a colored tape system so I was able to get them unpacked into their kitchen, closets and bathroom before I left.

We will be going back to complete the unpack once construction is finished, but the family had everything they need to get through and should they need to find something meanwhile, their belongings are neatly stacked, labeled and accessible.