While I am helping to get a home ready for listing, I always try and view it as if I was a potential buyer. I am paying attention to the, seemingly, small details:- Is there a screw missing in a faceplate? Does the faucet drip in the guest bathroom? Is there a missing or broken drawer pull in the office? Is there a rust stain under the sink in the kitchen?
While all these items are insignificant to many people, they are also easily and relatively inexpensive to fix or repair.
If each your potential buyer enters a room and notices these small things (and believe me they will!) not only will it detract from the price of the home, they will also start to question what other (read MAJOR) problems exist under the surface. Ie. If they can’t replace a screw in a face plate, what did they do with the leaky roof? Just ignore it???

Thinking about selling? Take the time to walk through each room in your home with paper and a pen and view it as if you were a potential buyer. Maybe try asking a friend to walk through with you – Sometimes an objective view is helpful!

Make a list and then start working on it. You will be glad you did!

“Keep Calm & Get Organized”