Top 10 Ways To Make Home Buyers HATE Your House – An article published in 2012, listed ODOR as the #2 reason THAT HOME BUYERS HATE YOUR HOUSE……
As homeowners, we are often immune to our homes particular smell… Maybe it smells doggy, maybe the cat litter box is a little stinky, possibly a pungent cooking smell has invaded your kitchen. Whatever it is, your potential buyer does not want to be distracted with a bad smell.

I always recommend a “neutral” smelling plug in for most rooms in the house – and I mean neutral – Not everyone loves cinnamon, lavendar or other such strong scents…. Pick a light scent like Fresh Linen, Vanilla or even a citrus scent and use the SAME scent in every area… do not mix them up. Your potential buyer should not even be aware of the scent, just that there is a pleasant, inviting smell!

Tips for a great smelling house!

Do not cook fried food, fish or greasy food – the smell permeates the house for days

Keep the Cat Litter Tray Cleaned out daily while your home is listed. Use an automatic room spray in that room to keep it smelling fresh.

Even though you may not notice Fido’s smell, chances are if you are not a dog owner, you will be able to smell doggy smells. Use a carpet deodorizing powder to neutralize pet smells before you vacuum. If budget allow, steam clean carpets and rugs before listing.

Keep a neutral scented air freshener in every bathroom

Remember, it is said that Buyers, buy with their nose!

“Keep Calm & Get Organized”